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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An incredible weekend at Celtic Fling

Hello!  We had a great weekend down near Harrisburg, PA at an Irish Renaissance Faire.  Hannah competed in a Feis there and got first in two more dances that she needed, so we only need one more first for her to move up to the next level in January.  I thought you might enjoy seeing our pictures!

Here are the girls getting ready to dance.

Look our sweet girl!

This is Hannah and her friend Danika showing off their metals.

The faire was incredible.  You literally felt like you had stepped back in time.  I wasn't expecting such an elaborate set up.

There were several amazing Irish bands that performed throughout the day.  I wish we had more time to watch them.

This gentleman kept asking for Hannah's hand in marriage, we tried to explain she was too young, but he was persistent.  He settled for a picture with her instead.

Where else can you go and see this?

I was wishing I had a beautiful period dress to join in the fun!

Another great post-transplant experience!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Almost to 100,00 Views

Hello friends!  I have been away all weekend and when I checked my blog just now I realized that it is almost to 100,000 visitors.  I can't thank all of you enough for your support and love.

As a special thank you I would like to reward views 100,000 to 100,005.  When you log on to my blog, scroll down to the counter, which is on the right; if you are one of these numbers, send me an e-mail with your Name, mailing address, and e-mail.  I will send you a copy of a cookbook compiled from the recipes on my cooking blog.  Only my close friends and family have a copy, so you will be added to that list of select few.

God bless you for all your years of prayers for me!  All my love!  Nancy

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ecology Camp

Last week Hannah got to go to Ecology Camp with her 6th grade class.  She had a blast!  Friday night she talked and sang our ears off.

I spent the day Wednesday helping out in the kitchen at camp and had the opportunity to snap a few pictures during our short breaks.  I wanted to share them with you.

The teacher taught them how to transfer boats if they are in a group.  Can you see Hannah moving from canoe to canoe?

It's a race back to the dock! (Hannah and her friend Logan are on the right)

Here they come, a strong 3rd?

Learning about the vegetation and foods for the animals at different times of the year.
I am sure Hannah felt right at home with this talk, her Granddaddy is a great educator about nature!

The tent!!!  I don't know about you, but I was certainly glad I didn't have to sleep in it!

Hannah's tent mates, Grace, Rae, and Erin

The 6th grade girls!

I was so glad to have the opportunity to be there that day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Portville's Alma Mater

This is Hannah's last week of 6th grade.  Today the pre-k through 6th grades had morning program in the park.  Hannah and several of her friends were asked to sing the Alma Mater.  Here they are:

An Awesome Father's Day!

We spent our Father's Day Jeepin'!  What Fun!

We headed out in the morning for Allegheny National Forest, the Allegheny Reservoir, and the Kinzua Dam.

Hannah was a little chilly, so she bundled up.

Look at my beautiful family!

We stopped for lunch at a restaurant on the reservoir.

Down at the docks there were enormous carp.  Several people were feeding them and it was a true feeding frenzy!

Can you see them now?

What about now?

...and NOW?

You could easily pet them, and a couple even tried sucking our fingers off.  It was quite a treat for Hannah!

Back into the jeep to head toward the dam.

Watch out, it is a looooooooooong way down!

Here is an action shot, Hannah and me in the jeep.

We found a trail that would allow us to hike to an overlook.

Isn't it gorgeous?

My rock climbing monkeys

They're at the top of the world!

Here is Scott's impression of Hannah who is too scared to jump.

Look how cute he is!

One jump down, one to go.


Look at that super mom rescue!

Looking pretty good considering I have a raging lung infection and feel like poop.  Life is all about living!

Have you heard of the famous rock shark?  I think I got a little too close!

Hannah and Scott DID NOT learn from my mistake.

We had to stop for ice-cream on the way home.  Look how Hannah is patiently waiting for her two scoops.

Daddy is in heaven, ice-cream and jeeping, who could ask for a better day?

Snores completed a perfect Father's Day!  We are so blessed!

The Miracle of Transplantation

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